200 rioters in Blainville, Que., set police car on fire

Police arrested about 15 people after a festival in Blainville got out of control last night.

Police arrest 15 people after rowdy festival-goers toss bricks, beer bottles at officers

A rowdy group of people chucked bricks at police and tipped over a police car after a festival in Blainville.

Police arrested about 15 people after a riot last night in Blainville, north of Montreal.  

The incident happened in the Maurice-Tessier park where the rock group Les Trois Accords was performing in a festival.

After the concert ended at about midnight, a crowd of some 200 refused to leave the park, according to Radio-Canada.

They turned over a police car and set it on fire, and then started to throw objects and bottles at officers.

The crowd threw beer bottles and bricks at officers trying to intervene.

Police called in backup support from several other forces, including Quebec provincial police, the Thérèse-de-Blainville regional police force, Saint-Jérôme police, Saint-Eustache police and Mirabel police.

They eventually gained control of the situation by about 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Those arrested will likely be facing charges of taking part in a riot, mischief and arson.

Municipal police have opened an investigation into the incident.