RCMP arrested 10 Montreal youth they believe were trying to leave the country to join jihadists in Turkey and Syria.

The force confirmed its Integrated National Security Enforcement Team made a series of arrests at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport last weekend.

No charges have been laid and the investigation is continuing.

The passports of those arrested have been confiscated. 

RCMP said investigators have met with the friends and families of the people trying to leave Canada.

Earlier on Tuesday, Radio-Canada reported there had been a number of arrests of young people suspected of trying to travel overseas to join jihadists. RCMP have not confirmed whether those are the same arrests.

A lawyer for one of the people arrested told Radio-Canada his client is a "victim" who was approached online and promised "a better life."

Some of those arrested have ties to the six Quebecers who are thought to have left for Turkey, en route to Syria, in January. 

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said he cannot comment on specific operational matters, but commended the RCMP and the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team for their "continued vigilance."

"The international jihadist movement had declared war on Canada. We will not sit on the sidelines but instead join our allies to degrade and defeat ISIS," he said in a statement.