Manitoba widows and widowers who lost their spouses in workplace accidents will benefit from two announcements that are worth up to 52 million dollars.

Last month, the widows demonstrated in front of the Manitoba legislature. They are among 45 people who lost their spouses and when they remarried, lost compensation benefits as well because they did not meet a dependency test.

Today, the compensation board says they'll share in 27 million dollars. That includes monthly payments for the rest of their lives, plus back payments dated to when their benefits were cut off.

And there was a second announcement. The Manitoba government says it will extend benefits to another group of up to 300 widows who remarried and had their benefits cut off before 1985.

People in that group will each receive a payment of 83 thousand dollars tax free. Total payment could be as much as 25 million dollars. The payments are compensation for provincial legislation that discriminated against those who remarried.