Emergency officials continued their efforts in Mayo, Yukon, on Wednesday to prevent flooding caused by ice jams on the Mayo River.

The ice has caused high waters along a route known as the dike road. It runs through part of the village, located about 400 kilometres north of Whitehorse.

The high water is threatening one house and is also close to the nearby Yukon Energy diesel plant, which is right next to the river.

Crews worked over the holiday weekend and managed to break the ice jam, Chris McPherson, a planning coordinator with Yukon's Emergency Measures Organization, told CBC News.

"There is still heavy machinery at work, " he said.

"Obviously with the temperatures up there, we have to ensure channels that are open stay open and don't refreeze," he said.

At the same time, work continues to reinforce the dike road and to shore up areas where water might be getting through, McPherson said.

While the dike road is passable for traffic, officials are still urging people to stay off it, if possible.

As well, a boil water advisory from Yukon health officials remains in effect for the community.