Liberal Leader Paul Martin will reintroduce legislation to decriminalize marijuana if he is re-elected, he said Friday in Halifax.

The proposed legislation died when the election was called.

Martin is campaigning in Atlantic Canada Friday, with stops in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. When asked if he had ever tried marijuana, Martin said he's never inhaled.

"But there is a rumour going around that I've eaten brownies," he said. Previously, he's told a story of a strange-tasting batch of brownies baked by his wife, Sheila.

Martin defended the timing of the election call, saying he wanted a mandate to deal with important issues such as the deficit, taxes and social programs.

"I think the election is really a decision of values of the different parties. That's what I want and what I think Canadians want," said Martin.

He criticized tax cuts proposed by the Conservatives, saying they would plunge Canada back into deficit.

Earlier in the day, he attended the reopening of Halifax's Point Pleasant Park, which had been closed since Hurricane Juan in September 2003.