Frozen treats aren't just for humans when it gets really hot.

Animals at Assiniboine Park Zoo like tigers and lion-tailed macaques get their own version of popsicles.

Curator Janice Martin said while she's heard of "rat-cicles" the zoo gets creative with ice using other food.

"I don't know if anybody's actually cut up a rat. But I know some of our animals do get chicken for their meals and we will cut up a chicken or pieces of the chicken into small pieces and freeze it in a great big bucket of water," she said.

'They love them.' —Zoo curator Janice Martin

She said when staff freeze their food in a bucket, it's a like a really big icicle.

"The idea behind it is it'll take them some time to lick it all the way down. But they'll spend an awful lot of time hanging around that great big icecube," she said. "They love them," she added.

Martin said even animals used to the heat, try to stay cool seeking out shade and water.

But reindeer for example, are bothered by flies in the heat, so zoo staff uses hoses to create mud puddles for them to lounge in.

Martin said a good time to visit the zoo is in the morning when many of the animals are out enjoying the cool breeze.