Zombies invade Winnipeg in safety campaign

Manitoba's Workers Compensation Board wants you to look out for zombies.
Manitoba's Workers Compensation Board is running TV ads featuring zombies, as part of a new safety awareness campaign. 1:46

Manitoba's Workers Compensation Board wants you to look out for zombies.

For the past two weeks, the WCB has been running television ads with zombies at prominent Manitoba locations as part of a new awareness campaign.

It shows young people in working situations, surrounded by zombies that represent workplace hazards.

The goal is to get younger workers to talk about safety in the workplace.

The WCB is also running a contest in connection with the campaign. Prizes include iPads, a MacBook, an Xbox 360 gaming system, and a zombie makeover.

As part of the contest, people are encouraged to record zombie sightings and post the location on an interactive map on the Spot the Zombie website.