A Winnipeg police officer who was critically injured during a raid on a home in 2006 declined to appear in court for an impact statement during the sentencing hearing Thursday for the man who shot him.

Both the Crown and the defence had their say at the hearing for Daniell Ian Anderson, 23, but Const. Donald Murray just issued a short written statement.

"Although this incident has affected my family, and continues to do so, I do not wish to disclose the impacts, as I feel Daniell Anderson does not have the right to have any knowledge of how my personal life has changed," Murray's statement said.

Murray has just recently been able to return to light duties at the police service.

Anderson was convicted last year of attempting to kill Murray and discharging a firearm with intent to injure Const. Curtis Penner. He was found not guilty of trying to kill Penner.

Murray was shot in the abdomen as Anderson fired a shotgun through a bathroom door during the raid. Penner was shot in the hand.

On Thursday in Court of Queen's Bench in Winnipeg, Crown lawyer Brian Bell painted Anderson as a remorseless offender who ambushed police in an effort to protect his drug stash. Anderson faces up to 20 years in prison.

But Anderson's lawyer, Roberta Campbell, said Anderson is remorseful and has ruined his life by shooting Murray.

"He's a very young man with no prior history," she said.

She asked for a sentence of seven years.

In a low, unemotional voice, Anderson apologized to the court for all the harm he's caused.

Judge Doug Abra will issue his sentencing ruling on Tuesday.