A Winnipeg woman is recovering after being seriously injured while trying to stop a driver she believed was drunk.


Sandra Sveinson spent six days recovering in hospital after her ordeal. (Family photo)

On Sept. 1, 20-year-old Sandra Sveinson was at an annual bonfire her cousin holds every year in East St. Paul.

The group was just wrapping up the gathering when an uninvited guest arrived in a dark blue truck.

"This truck just pulled up out of nowhere and whipped into the driveway and almost hit the group that was standing there," she said. "It was probably like a group of 10 to 20 people."

Sveinson said no one at the party knew who the man was, and several people tried to get him to stop. When they were finally able to get the vehicle to stop, the driver opened the door slightly and Sveinson tried to grab the man’s keys.

"He looked really confused when we were talking to him, so we thought maybe he wasn’t OK to drive," she said. "I guess when I shut the engine off, he heard the engine shut off and kind of freaked out and rushed and turned it back on and went flying backwards."

The driver’s vehicle dragged Sveinson as he drove away. Sveinson was rushed to hospital, where it was discovered she had a broken jaw, partially collapsed lung, damaged eyes and other injuries.  

She spent six days recovering in hospital and now faces a lengthy recovery at home. She will likely need surgeries to repair her eyes, and her jaw will remain wired shut for at least another four weeks.

And now, Sveinson has to worry about getting better for another person. While in hospital, Sveinson found out she is pregnant.

East St. Paul RCMP weren’t able to track the man down, and now they’re looking for a slim man with light coloured hair who could be driving a dark pick-up truck.

Anyone with information is asked to call RCMP at 204-667-6519.