Winnipeg police are searching for two suspects who they say broke into the home of an elderly woman and stole the family Christmas presents. 

Officers responded to a robbery at a house on the first 100 block of Greensboro Square in Fort Richmond just before 11 a.m. Friday. 

Police say an 80-year-old woman was walking up from the basement when she found two men in her living room. 

When the two suspects saw the woman they packed up and ran out of the house knocking her over on their way out. 

The men had already packed up all the presents from under the Christmas tree along with other items and had loaded them in a vehicle waiting outside, police said. 

Luckily the woman was not injured. 

The first suspect is described as to have medium length black hair and a moustache. He was wearing a brown coloured winter parka with fur on the hood.

Police don't have a description of the second suspect of the driver of the vehicle. 

The vehicle is described to be an SUV blue or green in colour, possibly a Nissan Juke or Subaru Outback.

Police are asking anyone with information about the robbery to contact them or to call crimestoppers.