Current MLA: Rob Altermeyer, NDP

Riding profile: Created by redistribution in 1957, it has formally existed since the 1958 provincial election and has been held by the NDP since 1990.

The PC Party also had a long hold on the riding at one time, when Premier Duff Roblin was MLA from 1958 to 1967.

The riding is located in the centre of Winnipeg and named for Col. Garnet Joseph Wolseley, the 19th century army officer who played a significant role during the Red River Rebellion in 1870.

Wolseley is bordered to the east by Fort Rouge, to the south by River Heights, to the north by Minto, and to the west by St. James.

The University of Winnipeg is located in the northeast corner of the riding.

Voter turnout

  • 2007: 55.28 per cent
  • 2003: 53.14 per cent
  • 1999: 53.14 per cent


Rob Altemeyer, NDP 

  • First elected in 2003 and re-elected in 2007.
  • Legislative assistant to both the minister of housing and community development and the minister of conservation.


Population: 20,905

Average family income: $57,517

Unemployment: 7.6 per cent

  • Has a bachelor of arts in anthopology from the University of Manitoba as well as masters degree in natural resource management.
  • Waste prevention co-ordinator at U of M.


Eric V.T. Stewart, Liberal

  • Is a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a bachelor of arts (honours) and a masters of arts degree in economics.
  • Has lived in Wolseley since 2005.
  • Owns SOLE Financial on Sherbrook Street.
  • Member of the West Broadway BIZ and the organization's treasurer.
  • Also a member of the BIZ’s safety committee, which has worked to establish a year-round graffiti removal and garbage cleanup program for West Broadway.
  • Member of Westminster United Church and chair of its budget and management committee.
  • Recently elected to the board of the West Broadway Development Corporation.


Harpreet Turka, PC Party

  • Born and raised in Winnipeg.
  • Studied political science at University of Manitoba.
  • Attended University of Alberta (faculty of native studies) and played football for the Golden Bears.
  • Has worked as childcare worker at Winnipeg daycare, with the Urban Green Team and at Seven Oaks General Hospital as a dispatch-care aide.
  • Has worked with the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council.


James Beddome, Green Party

  • Has served as leader of the Manitoba Green Party since 2008.
  • Has a double-honours bachelor of arts degree in political science and economics.
  • Working towards law degree at University of Manitoba.
  • Runs an independent eco-friendly marketing company.
  • Lives with partner, Kaitlin.


Results from 2007 provincial election



Total votes

Percentage of votes cast

 Rob Altemeyer




 Ardythe Basham




 Raven Thundersky




 Gus Nelson PC Party  715  11.31
 David Tymoshchuk Communist  82   1.30


Political history

  • 2003: Rob Altemeyer (NDP) defeated Green Markus Buchart by 2,289 votes.
  • 1999: Jean Friesen (NDP) defeated PC Carol Roberts by 3,597 votes.
  • 1995: Jean Friesen (NDP) defeated Liberal Marilyn MacKinnon by 2,471 votes.
  • 1990: Jean Friesen (NDP) defeated Liberal Harold Taylor by 745 votes.
  • 1988: Harold Taylor (Liberal) defeated NDP Myrna Phillips by 506 votes.
  • 1986: Myrna Phillips (NDP) defeated PC John Campbell by 1,881 votes.
  • 1981: Myrna Phillips (NDP) defeated PC Len Domino by 1,466 votes.
  • 1980: MLA Bob Wilson was expelled from the PC caucus and the PC Party. He was convicted on Criminal Code charges and sentenced to seven years in prison on Nov. 12, 1980.
  • 1977: Bob Wilson (PC) first elected in a byelection in 1975, defeated NDP Murdoch Mackay by 74 votes.
  • 1973: Izzy Asper (Liberal) defeated NDP Murdoch Mackay by four votes. Asper resigned on March 1, 1975.
  • 1972: Izzy Asper (Liberal) elected in a byelection. Asper had been elected leader of the Manitoba Liberals in 1970.
  • 1958 to 1967: Premier Duff Roblin (PC) was MLA.