Photographers flock to Riding Mountain National Park to capture winter wonderland

With snow heavy on the branches the surreal images of Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba are showcasing a winter wonderland which would even bring shivers to Jon Snow.

Surreal images of the national park showcase snowy solitude

Fallon Rose captured this photo at Moon Lake at Riding Mountain National Park. (Facebook)

A winter wonderland in Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park has inspired photographers to come in droves, capturing surreal, snow-encased wilderness. 

The national park, located about 240 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, is a place for cross-country skiers, snowshoers and photographers.  

After the Christmas snow dump, the winter wanderers are coming out in droves.

Murray Nye grabbed this black and white photo. (Murray Nye/Facebook)

"It's been very busy up here this season," said George Hartlen, CAO of the Friends of Riding Mountain National Park group. "We definitely have seen an increase in people so far this season."

"I think we're going to see a huge influx in people over the winter months." 

Murray Nye captured this haunting black and white image of trees weighed down by the heavy snow on Friday.

Wendy Erlendson grabbed a shot of the frozen trees along a road in the national park. (Facebook)

Hartlen said it's amazing to see all of the photos being shared online.

"It also reinforces that Riding Mountain National Park is such a unique location on the landscape and no matter where you go inside the park, you can get unique photos."

Dave Tovell, visitor experience manager with Riding Mountain National Park, said many new visitors are enticed by the photos that are posted on social media. 

"It's been a combination of everything ... returning visitors and first-timers that are hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of all the snow that we have and the opportunities," he said.

"We're loving it," Tovell said. "It's just gorgeous. We're grateful that people are sharing all of these pictures with one another." 

Wendy Erlendson of Pure Nature Photography grabbed this shot of the snow-covered trees.

Melanie Robinson trudged through the snow for this shot. (Melanie Robinson/Submitted to CBC)

Melanie Robinson captured this photo of her trusty dog trudging through the deep snow in the park.

Melanie Robinson snapped this photo of the massive trees. (Melanie Robinson/Submitted to CBC)

Robinson also snapped this photo showing the wonder of the massive trees while hiking.

Fallon Rose captured this shot at Moon Lake. (Fallon Rose/Facebook)

Fallon Rose captured this photo at Moon Lake during her first trip up since the snow fall.

Hartlen and Tovell cautioned park-goers to come prepared for the weather, as conditions can vary from the province's major centres.

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