The last thing most of us want to do in these frigid temperatures is spend prolonged periods of time outside, but some die-hard runners are still hitting the pavement.

Roz Pulo

Roz Pulo prefers running in freezing weather over hot weather. (Ruth Shead/CBC)

​Roz Pulo has been running through Canadian winters for close to 25 years.

"I actually would rather run at a –30 C than a plus 30," she said.

"When it's cold you can manage the weather. You can gear up, you can layer up, you can get ready for it," she said.

"But you go out in a plus 30, it's just hot. And it's exhausting."

So why not just run on a treadmill?

"That's a good option, but for myself, I like the convenience of walking out my door and my gym is right there," Pulo said.

And bragging rights aren't her main source of satisfaction.

"When you're still outside ... you unzip your jacket and there is steam rising up. It's beautiful," she noted.

If you think you're hardy enough to give winter running a shot, here are five cold-weather running tips from Pulo:

  1. Keep your toes warm by putting duct tape over the top box of your runners. This blocks the wind.
  2. Vaseline is your best friend. Put it on your nose and cheeks to avoid frostbite.
  3. Layers, layers layers. The inside layer and windproof outer shell are the most important. You can always take off a layer if you're too hot. Ski-goggles come in handy on those very cold days. If you don't have them, to avoid the dreaded eyelash freeze try blinking a lot in order to keep those eyelashes apart.
  4. Adjust your goals. For Pulo, winter running is not about times and specific training, but maintenance. It's all about making sure you're logging kilometres during the off-season. If you're training for the Manitoba Marathon (held Father's Day) you'll want to be back on a proper training schedule by March.
  5. Shorten your stride. It's icy out there, so you might have to take smaller steps to avoid spills.

If this sounds easy enough to do β€” and you're ready to make a new start in 2014 β€” you can start your winter jogging routine at the Resolution Run, which takes place Wednesday morning at 10:30 a.m.

The 5K run starts at the West Portage YMCA/YWCA.