Old Man Winter has arrived in southern Manitoba and it would appear he's staying, as he brought a thick white blanket along.

Winnipeg received seven centimetres of snow throughout Sunday while about 10 cm fell to the east, in the Whiteshell area.

“Temperatures are going to plummet by the middle of the week," said CBC weather specialist Marilyn Maki. "We're looking for daytime highs in the –12 C, –13 C range.”

That's about 10 degrees colder than normal for this time of the year.

Snowy roads

The snow is back, which means Winnipeggers have to brush off their winter driving habits. (Darren Bernhardt/CBC)

City of Winnipeg crews have been hard at work, salting and sanding and plowing roads and sidewalks. But road conditions are much different from what drivers have been used to for several months.

The city and police are urging people to slow down and keep enough distance between their vehicle and others on the roads. 

It was a sudden change that caught a lot of Winnipeggers off-guard, after enjoying barbecues and bonfires in unseasonably warm weather just days earlier.

"You're just never ready for something like this, even though we live here, and we're very familiar with snow," said Lisa Bukoski, who was buying a heavy duty shovel at Canadian Tire on Sunday.

Similarly, Darrell Sanderson made a quick run to the store on Sunday after realizing he needed a snow brush for his truck.

"This morning, I was using my hands to brush the snow off and it got really cold, so I wasn't really prepared for winter," he said.

"It just kinda hit us all of a sudden here, so here I am."

Despite being unprepared for the sudden weather shift, Sanderson isn't complaining. He said he's happy for the wintry weather, and looks forward to hopping on his snowmobile.