People who live outside of Winnipeg will now have to wait to register for city leisure programs.

Winnipeggers will be able to register for the popular swimming program on Dec. 10 and all of the other programs on Dec. 11, but if you live outside the city you have to wait until Dec. 17.

Coun. Brian Mayes, chair of the city's protection and community services committee, said the changes are more fair for Winnipeg residents who pay the taxes to keep those programs running.

He has heard numerous complaints from city people about programs being too crowded, though he admits he doesn't know, statistically, how many out-of-town people are registering.

"I think it's a fair complaint, if people are paying for it they want to get first preference. It's not exclusive, it's not that we're banning people who live outside the city of Winnipeg," Mayes said.