Winnipeggers are lining up to do the sun salutation in their birthday suit and a downward dog in the buff.

Jitendra Yoga in the Exchange District is offering a naked yoga class.

'It's a meditative practice. It's a spiritual practice.' - Jordan Bellan

Jordan Bellan, who runs the studio, said the sessions, which are co-ed, are selling out quickly, but gawkers are not welcome.

"You will be directed throughout the entire session where to have your eyes, where to breathe, where to focus your attention, your energy within your body," he said "It's a meditative practice. It's a spiritual practice."

Bellan said the people signing up range from 19 to 70 years old.

He said doing yoga naked strips away a person's self-consciousness and shows them the beauty of their body.

"It's changed their lives," he said. "They've really learned through a single session to break through the subconscious kind of identification with their body where they forget how beautiful they are and how worthy of love they are."