Winnipeg’s wedding season is right around the corner — and while guests are preparing to take in a beautiful ceremony, couples are preparing their pocket books.

Winnipegger Dena Semkowski is currently planning her wedding, and said while she expected to spend about $30,000 on the event, that quickly ballooned to $50,000.

"We figured that $30,000 is what most people would spend on a wedding. I heard from a couple of planners that was the average price — not the case," said Semkowski.

So far she has spent $10,000 on the venue and food, $3,300 on flowers, $5,000 on a band and $14,000 for a videographer and photographer.

Semkowski said all of that will go to pay for a ceremony and reception for about 120 guests.

"There’s part of me that thinks maybe we should just call it all off and just fly somewhere and get married," she said.

"Then there’s part of me that just thinks it’s our day. It’s our one day. It’s like, everyone dreams about their wedding, right?"

It seems that’s a sentiment shared Canada-wide. Wedding Bells magazine pegged the average cost of a wedding in Canada at $31,000.

But Winnipeg wedding planner Emma Singh said some local couples are paying much, much more than that.

Last year Singh planned Alia Nygaard’s wedding, which had a hefty $250,000 budget.

"Weddings have become a lot more expensive than they have ever been. That’s because the expectation of the final product has changed," said Singh.

"They have become quite a big production in a lot of ways."

The most expensive wedding Singh has ever planned rang in at nearly $2 million, but she wouldn’t reveal who the couple was.