Hey winter, we're not afraid of you — at least we're told we shouldn't be.

The relatively dry and mild conditions that have marked fall in much of southern Manitoba are expected to continue through October, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Dave Phillips.

While he admits winter is hard to predict, he said he'll take a stab at it anyway.

"There's been as many as cold winters as mild winters, but here's my fearless forecast: it won't be as difficult and long as it was last year," Phillips said, noting that in September and August, the Winnipeg area had 11 days over the 30 degree mark, and only eight wet days.

October won't be quite that hot, but it won't be bad, he said. There will likely be a breath of Old Man Winter but don't expect to be snowed under.

"My sense is you're not going to [get] to Halloween without the killing frost and the touch of snow but hey, that doesn't necessarily spoil the month," Phillips said.