Weddings can rack up costs in the tens of thousands of dollars, but one financial planner says Winnipeggers should reign in their plans or risk being stuck with long-term debt.

Lesley Hamilton is a financial consultant with Investors Group.

She said she’s heard of couples taking out lines of credit or using credit cards to pay for their wedding celebration.

"[Couples should] be extremely wary of the long-term ramifications of taking on that kind of debt," said Hamilton.

"It may end up haunting you for a lot of years — long after the wedding and honeymoon are over."

One Winnipeg bride trying to heed that advice is C-Jae Morden.

She is getting married in June and is trying to keep her wedding tab under $10,000.

That means getting creative with everything from photos to the wedding cake and in some cases reusing materials.

"I contacted a girl on Kijiji, and she had a whole bunch of stuff from her wedding last summer. I just bought it all for $80," said Morden.

Morden and her fiancé recently purchased a house and completed a large renovation. Now, the couple is hoping to keep their wedding affordable.

"We are trying to still have everything that a wedding would have, just doing it in an easier, kind of cheaper way," said Morden. She said she was shocked by the high prices for everything from venues to food to dresses, so she’s turned to online sources to figure out ways to find money.

"I had something in mind of how my money would be allotted, but that kind of got thrown out the window right away when I started actually looking at how expensive things were," said Morden.

Now, Morden is planning to make place cards with acorns, a cake-stand from wood and have friends be in charge of photography.

"It was nice to see that you could have a very nice wedding even thought you didn’t have all this money to spend on someone else doing the decorations," she said.

Hamilton said couples can also factor in money raised from a social or what they’ll likely make in presentation from guests.