Winnipeggers are still adjusting to the new garbage, recycling, and yard waste regime — and some citizens seem to be bucking the system.

People are still depositing plastic bags of leaves and other yard debris at community drop-off sites although it is now prohibited.

Compostable paper bags, supposed to be used for curbside pick-up of yard waste are a scarce commodity as suppliers such as Rona, Canadian Tire and Home Depot are mostly sold out.

Winnipeg solid waste manager Darryl Drohomerski said there are always a few hiccups as a new system rolls-out. That includes citizens being prepared with paper bags. "In talking to the manufacturer, they said that they've seen this in most cities, the first time the city starts up because people are last minute." He said the city will also pick-up yard waste left out in cardboard boxes, or uncovered plastic bins.


Condo owners upset with autobin pick-up. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

Meantime, pick-up of recycled waste from the new blue autobins was delayed in some areas last week, leaving some residents fuming.

Bernard Palmer, who lives in a Westwood townhouse complex, said their new blue recycling autobins were to have been cleared last Thursday.

After multiple calls to 311, the bins have yet to be cleared, he said. The dozens of bins make it almost impossible for traffic to negotiate through the parking lot of the complex and residents are unsure when pickup will occur.

"If it continues this way it is going to be a nightmare," said Palmer. "We are at the stage here we don't know what is going on. We just want an answer. Is this going to be workable? What can we do to make this work?"

Under the new system, garbage and recycling pickup also occurs on most holidays so Thanksgiving Monday was the first holiday Monday where pickup occurred for some neighbourhoods.