A Winnipeg man raised eyebrows on Wednesday when he swapped his lawnmower for a group of sheep.

Clint Pinder owns a home in St. Boniface and has a rural property near Stony Mountain where he keeps some animals — including sheep.

"I'm not a big fan of mowing the grass, and the sheep are, so I figured I would bring them and see how they did on our lawn," said Pinder. "They were eating the grass and really enjoying it!"


This is one of the sheep who was briefly employed as a lawn-cutter on Wednesday in Winnipeg. (Meagan Fiddler/CBC)

The neighbours were enjoying it too. Several stopped by with their kids to get photos, but they were skeptical of how good a job the sheep would do at trimming the grass.

"I think I'll use my lawnmower because, by the looks of it, the lawnmower does a better job," said Gisele Meilleur.

Neighbour Christian Kazadi said the idea was a bit bizarre, but admittedly saves money.

Pinder said it's also more environmentally friendly — saving gas and electricity.

The bad news for Pinder is the experiment isn't technically allowed under City of Winnipeg bylaws.

Inside the Perimeter, keeping sheep in the city is a no-no unless it's on designated agricultural land.

Pinder said going forward, he wants to apply for a permit and potentially turn it into an eco-friendly lawn-trimming business. 

City officials said no such permit is available.