Winnipegger getting out of Greek prison after 14 years

A Winnipeg man jailed in Greece for the past 14 years after being caught smuggling drugs could be on the way home.

Kevin Hiebert was jailed after being caught in an international drug smuggling scheme

Kevin Hiebert, a Winnipeg man jailed in Greece for the past 14 years after being caught smuggling drugs, is coming home, according to his father. 1:41

A Winnipeg man jailed in Greece for the past 14 years after being caught smuggling drugs is coming home.

Kevin Hiebert, 39, was arrested at Athens airport in 1999 as he tried to smuggle two kilograms of cocaine into the country from South America.​

Kevin Hiebert was initially supposed to serve a sentence of three to five years, but that changed to life.

Hiebert believed he was going to be sentenced to three to five years in prison. He was given life instead.

After years of trying to get transferred to Canada to serve the remainder of his sentence on home soil, Hiebert is being released from jail.

Dick Hiebert said his son called him earlier this month with the news. It has also been confirmed to the family by officials with the Canadian consulate.

"It's always tough to support a criminal [and] I'm sorry that he did wrong," Dick Hiebert said.

"It's the first time he's ever done wrong but what price does he have to pay?”

Escaped from prison

Two of Hiebert's smuggling accomplices, caught in Holland, served just two years and were sent back to Canada.

Canada has a prison-transfer treaty with Greece, and Hiebert had unsuccessfully applied three times under that program. Frustrated in his efforts, Hiebert escaped the prison in November 2008.

In the summer of 2009, he approached a Canadian Embassy and put his future on the line. He asked if there were any warrants for him, or any legal barriers that would prevent him from returning to Canada to face the legal music here.

According to family members, he was told that all he had to do was pay Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) an outstanding penal fee of about $4,500.

Dick Hiebert paid DFAIT the fee and the department issued Hiebert an emergency travel document and the flight details to come home. But when he showed up at the Amsterdam Airport, Hiebert was arrested under the authority of a new warrant issued by European officials issued Aug.12, 2009, one day after his family met with Canadian officials.

His family believes he was set up.

Hiebert has been behind bars since then, not knowing when, or if, he would ever be back in Canada.

Dick Hiebert hopes to get an exact release date for his son in the coming weeks.

He expects his son to be back by November.


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