Polar bear exhibit

The new polar bear exhibit will include underwater and above-ground viewing opportunities of bears and seals through a clear wall. (CBC)

​Assiniboine Park and Zoo gave media a peek inside the 10-acre Journey to Churchill exhibit, set to open this summer.

The $90 million exhibit, which will house the zoo's polar bears, musk ox, seals and snowy owls, is still a mass of construction materials.

But much of it, including the tunnels that will take visitors below water to see polar bears swimming, is taking shape.

There will also be underwater and above-ground viewing opportunities for the seals, which will be separated from the bears by a plastic wall.

Other elements in the exhibit include an aurora borealis 360-degree theatre, a new restaurant, gift shop and children's play area.

Already opened next to the animal exhibit area is the Polar Bear Conservation Centre.

The centre for academic research on the Arctic environment and polar bear conservation provides public education programs, and a polar bear rescue and relocation network for orphaned or injured animals.

The exhibit is part of a larger $200 million upgrade to the Assiniboine Park Zoo.