Winnipeg woman warns others after response to Kijiji ad

A Winnipeg woman is warning others about the dangers of posting ads for services on Kijiji.

Young woman advertises cleaning services, gets calls for prostitution

A Winnipeg woman is warning others after a man solicited sex from her after she posted an ad for cleaning services on Kijiji. CBC's Jillian Taylor reports. 1:45

A Winnipeg woman is warning others about the dangers of posting ads for services on Kijiji.

Crystal Dunn, 19, has been posting ads that offer cleaning services on the online classified site for years.

"[It’s] just to make extra money and help out to pay bills and stuff like that," said Dunn.

Last week, Dunn said she got an email from a man who wanted her to clean his two bedroom home.

She said she spoke with the man on the phone first before arranging a date to clean his house.

Then, when she was heading out to the job, her phone rang.

"He goes, "Wait a second, would you give me a back rub, plus sex and more?’ And I said ‘No,’ and hung up the phone," said Dunn.

"My mom said I need to call the cops. I was like, ‘Oh my god. What disgusting people are there nowadays.’"

Karen Neumann, Dunn’s mother, said she was shocked.

"It’s scary because he didn’t have to actually tell her he wanted this until she got there," said Neumann.

Neumann says she monitors who her daughter cleans for, and talks to prospective homeowners before her daughter goes.

She keeps the person’s name, phone number and address on hand when her daughter goes to clean homes.

Dunn said she reported the man to police but said nothing can be done about it because it’s her word against his.

"I’m concerned about the kids, especially the young ones on there."

She said she won’t post an ad on the site ever again and wants others posting similar ads for cleaning or babysitting to be aware of what happened.