A Winnipeg woman who almost passed up buying a scratch ticket because she thought she was $2 short, is now a millionaire.

Sylvia Santos won the prize on a Western Millions ticket that was included in a multi-ticket pack she bought at a lottery kiosk in a Safeway store on Jefferson Avenue and McPhillips Street.

"I almost didn’t get it. I thought I was two dollars short, but I found it at the last minute," Santos said in a press release from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

She stopped for lunch at the Safeway store on Dec. 8 and decided to pick up the tickets, which she didn't scratch until the next day.

"The winner was the first ticket out of the pouch," she said.

"I saw three $1 million amounts. I read the back a few times [because] I was debating if it was real."

She talked to her family to see what they thought and her mom nearly talked her out of it

"‘No, they all have to be in a row,’" Santos said her mom told her.

"But when I asked my dad, he said, ‘No, I think you’ve got a winner.’"