A Winnipeg woman has lost her appeal to keep chickens in her North Kildonan back yard.

Stacie Gottfried appeared before a city committee on Thursday to argue her case, and though she was turned down, she was given a bit more time — until Feb. 28 — to send off the fowl.

Stacie Gottfried

Stacie Gottfried has been told to move out her backyard chickens by Feb. 18. (CBC)

"I am disappointed that we are not allowed to keep our chickens. But we have an extension and so that is really good," she said.  

Gottfried said she will be sad to see them go. She had been using them as part of her children's education.

"The chickens have been part of our homeschooling. It's been a great learning experience to learn lots about food security and livestock and agriculture and it's been a very rich experience," she said after the meeting.