A Winnipeg woman says she is the victim of a car-shipping company that didn't pay its bills, and it has cost her hundreds of dollars and her own vehicle.

Rohini Halli said she paid $770 to have ABR Shipping transport her car from Vancouver to Winnipeg more than three years ago.

"It looked like a very legitimate website, so [I] decided to call them," she said.

ABR Shipping contracted Canadian Fleet Services, a Winnipeg-based company, to bring the car to the Manitoba capital.


Rohini Halli's vehicle remains in the lot at Canadian Fleet Services in Winnipeg. (CBC)

But Halli said she was asked by Canadian Fleet Services to pay another $700 before she could pick up her vehicle.

"And I said, 'Well, I've already paid ABR for the shipment of the car,'" she said.

Canadian Fleet Services owner Daniel B. Stefanik told CBC News that ABR Shipping did not pay him.

"I don't deal with ABR anymore because on a national level, they're scamming everybody," Stefanik said.

Halli took the case to court and won a judgment as well as an appeal.

Still, Stefanik won't return her car or pay what the court has ordered him to pay. He said he wants to be paid for the work he has done.

CBC News has learned that there are numerous other dissatisfied customers who have dealt with ABR Shipping across Canada.

Officials with ABR Shipping acknowledge that they have made mistakes, and they are trying to pay people back.

But Halli said she has not been paid back and she still doesn't have her car. Without any other recourse, she said she has given up.

"Bottom line is I got cheated," she said.

"I feel actually dumb [for] going on this website and believing their word on doing proper business practices."