One Winnipeg woman is wearing the same dress for 30 days as part of a global campaign to raise awareness about consumption.

Anna-Marie Janzen is three weeks into the challenge, dubbed the October Dress Project. The project aims to teach women about anti-consumerism and anti-conformity.

The 25 year old said she opted into the challenge as part of a year’s worth of efforts to consume less, which includes going on a water-use budget, not buying any new clothes, books or unnecessary items and carefully evaluating where she buys her food.

“At first, the clothes was really hard because that’s one of my main vices,” said Janzen. But, she said, she eventually got used to it, despite having to do laundry a bit more often.

Janzen said she has been surprised by how few people noticed she was wearing the same thing with different accessories.

“No one has noticed! No one noticed,” she said. She said her co-workers only know now because she told them.

Janzen said she’s now questioning why she spent so much money on clothes before, if no one has noticed now that she wears the same thing every day.

“The point is, I was consuming much more than I needed,” she said.

Janzen said events like the Bangladesh clothing factory collapse drew her attention to the dangers of over-consumption.

“We can demand from companies that make our clothing a more ethical way of doing it because really, we are the reason the industry exists,” she said.

Janzen said she hopes she has inspired others to curb their shopping habits, and she plans to do a major sweep of her closet when the month is over.