'When you play our game, you should leave smarter or more aware of the world.' - Khal Shariff

Did you ever think about using video games to make your kids good at math?

Project Whitecard has. The Winnipeg company takes a different approach to gaming and they are attracting some international clients as a result.

Kahl Sharif

Khal Sharif, founder of Project Whitecard, one of the largest video game companies in Manitoba, boasts NASA as one of his clients. (Courtesy Khal Sharif)

The company is one of the largest video game companies in Manitoba. Khal Shariff is the founder.

"We have a mandate that we develop any kind of game that has something to do with using video game technology for a purpose other than entertainment," he explained. "When you play our game, you should leave smarter or more aware of the world. That's where we focus our time."

Shariff says one of his clients is NASA.

"Over the last five years we developed four projects for the Canadian Space Agency," he said. "You experience the international space station and you learn mathematics while you're doing that. It's very Canadian and also very popular. In fact, 35,000 teachers order it."

And its not just kids. Khal has been using gaming to train professionals in a  variety of fields. And it turns out that gaming can enhance the learning experience all across the board.

"We have done projects for adults, using a high fidelity interface," he stated. "We've done work with Public Health Ontario. Illuminating certain issues in a simulated hospital bed with patients is extremely effective at getting those concepts across."

Khal Sharif is showcasing his Manitoba made video games at the Game Developers conference in San Francisco this week.