A Winnipeg man says he’s grateful to be alive after nearly drowning at Rushing River Provincial Park last week.

“They’re just like god to me. I have a second life because of all three of them,” said Harikesh Marwaha. “I owe my life to them.”

The 24 year old was camping with his family when he hit his head and fell into Dogtooth Lake.

Three Winnipeggers — Jaime Siska, Colin Cheys, and off-duty police officer Joel Vertone — quickly sprang into action to rescue him, carrying him to shore and performing CPR.

Harikesh Marwaha

Harikesh Marwaha says he's alive today because the help of three Winnipeggers who rescued him after he fell into Dogtooth Lake. (Harikesh Marwaha)

​Siska said everyone thought Marwaha was dead until he suddenly took a breath.

“His breathing was really slow, and then finally his pulse came. It was very weak,” she said. “They put him in the recovery position and that’s when I sat back.”

Marwaha said he doesn’t remember what hit him or what happened while he was in the water, but came to with his rescuers surrounding him.

“I saw some little bit of blood in front of me. There were a lot of people surrounding me. There was police there – paramedics. People were already there,” he said. “I was wondering, is it a dream?”

Marwaha said he has since contacted all three people who saved him to tell them how thankful he is for what they did.