Winnipeggers will have to pay a little more to take the bus next year, with cash fares and some passes going up in price starting Jan. 1.

Winnipeg Transit says its full and Handi-Transit cash fares will be $2.50 in the new year, up from $2.45.


Winnipeg Transit says its full and senior-fare ticket prices will stay the same in 2013, but reduced-fare tickets will go up slightly starting Jan. 1. (Donna Lee/CBC)

Reduced and senior cash fares are also going up from $1.95 to $2.00 starting Jan. 1, the transit authority reminded riders on Tuesday.

Full and senior-fare ticket prices are staying the same in 2013 — $2.15 and $1.08 each, respectively — but reduced-fare tickets will go up by four cents to $1.50 each.

Transit riders can keep using their 2012 tickets until March 31.

Winnipeg Transit says all its monthly passes, including post-secondary passes, will be going up in price in the new year. For example, its full-fare pass will go up from $77 this year to $82.80.

The Max 5 pass (Monday-Friday) and SuperPass (Monday-Sunday) will also see price increases, depending on the fare category.

The complete list of 2013 transit fares is available on Winnipeg Transit's website.