An audible "thump" was heard at a busy downtown street corner Monday when a pedestrian was fatally struck by a Winnipeg Transit bus, a witness says.

"They [the bus] hit him and then he kind of bounced about 10 feet," said Christopher, who said he saw the collision unfold at the intersection of Fort Street and Graham Avenue Monday afternoon. CBC News has agreed to not use his last name.

"I just heard a thump and I looked over and he was laying on the ground. [I] didn't know what to think of it."

A 58-year-old died of injuries he sustained during the crash, which happened around 3 p.m.

The intersection was closed for several hours, reopening at about 9:30 p.m. Monday.

'He was unresponsive'

Christopher said he was standing across the street, waiting for a bus outside Tim Hortons, when he witnessed the crash.

Man witnesses fatal bus crash in downtown Winnipeg

A small crowd gathers near the corner of Graham Avenue shortly after a fatal pedestrian crash involving a transit bus Monday. (Submitted by Chris)

The bus involved in the crash got caught in the intersection during a red light after establishing for a left turn, Christopher said. When the crosswalk light turned green, Christopher says the pedestrian began walking. The bus tried clearing the intersection at the same time and that is when it connected with the pedestrian, the witness said.

He said the driver got out of the bus, as did the driver of another transit bus that pulled over near the scene. He estimates there were 30 to 40 people standing at nearby bus stops at the time.

"They all rushed to his side and comforted him," Christopher said. "He was unresponsive."

Busy intersection

Const. Rob Carver said the Graham Avenue transit corridor can be busy and dangerous.

"We've got lots of buses and lots of commuters, lots of pedestrians, and just people in the area who are sharing the same space," Carver said. 

"It's always a balance of safety not only for … operators of the buses, but people walking in the area."

Police and Winnipeg Transit are working together to investigate the incident. Carver said there were people on the bus and in the area at the time of the crash who could have valuable information for investigators.

"We're just hoping that some of them can contact us," Carver said. "We'd like as many [witnesses] as we can get."

Anyone who might have witnessed the collision is asked to call police at 204-986-6271.

Man dead after being hit by Winnipeg Transit bus downtown2:34

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