A Winnipeg woman says she's overwhelmed by the kindness of a city transit driver who gave her a Tim Hortons gift card this morning, just because it was her birthday recently.

Shahida Luman said she was on the Route 55 bus going downtown at around 9 a.m. Monday when the driver asked everyone on board if it was their birthday.

No one identified themselves as having a birthday that day, but Luman told the driver her birthday was on Sunday.

That was when the driver gave her a $15 gift card from Tim Hortons — a generous move that she said impressed everyone on board.

"They said, 'That is so sweet. That's so nice.' Everybody was just shocked that he did something like that," she told CBC News on Monday afternoon.

"It wasn't the money as much as how he was. He was so friendly."

Luman said the driver, who identified himself only as Dylan, told her he enjoys his job and the gift card was his way of giving back.

"He said, 'You know what? I have a lot of degrees. I chose to do this job because I like people,'" she said.

A City of Winnipeg spokesperson told CBC News that the bus driver's good deed is not part of any transit program, meaning he bought the gift card with his own money.