A Winnipeg city committee has given the green light to the Jubilee rapid transit station, which could propel development of the Fort Rouge Yards.

The deal, which must still get city council approval, means GEM Equities will pay for more than half of the cost of the station.

GEM is developing a massive infill housing project along the former CN Fort Rouge Yards near the Jubilee Avenue rapid transit corridor.

The plan, touted by the company, as the first transit-oriented development in Winnipeg's history, has been years in the making but slow to see any construction.

Mayor Sam Katz believes the deal approved by the executive policy committee on Wednesday will get the ball rolling.

"I think GEM is ready to move. From what I understand, they're just waiting for this motion to go forward," he said.

"I guess now that it's gone through EPC and will be going to council, I think they're about ready to move."

GEM will pay for 57 per cent of the estimated $3.8-million cost of the station — the first time a developer has had to pay for transit infrastructure.

"To be done in such a way that transit infrastructure can be considered part of the costs to the developer, because they also get the benefit of it — it's setting the stage for more of that to happen, which is I think very positive for the citizens of Winnipeg," said area Coun. Jenny Gerbasi.

"It's sort of putting a new approach in place to pay for expensive transit infrastructure."

The city plans to also sell surplus land at Hugo Street and Morley Avenue in the Lord Roberts neighbourhood and use the proceeds to pay for its share.