A number of traffic lights are out or flashing in various parts of Winnipeg this afternoon due to excessive moisture in the air that is playing havoc with the equipment.

City police say traffic lights at a number of intersections are flashing, including:

  • Kenaston Boulevard and Lindenwood Drive.
  • Fermor Avenue and Lagimodiere Boulevard.
  • St. Anne's Road and Bishop Grandin Boulevard.
  • Dugald Road and Lagimodiere Boulevard.
  • Donald Street and Stradbrook Avenue.
  • Chancellor Drive and Pembina Highway.
  • Pembina Highway and Stafford Street.
  • Portage Avenue and Buchanan Boulevard.
  • River Avenue and Donald Street.
  • St. Anne's Road and Meadowood Drive.
  • Marion Street and Lagimodiere Boulevard.

The City of Winnipeg says traffic lights go into "flashing mode" when excessive moisture penetrates the equipment.

The moisture comes from an "unusually quick rise in temperature that we have experienced recently," a city spokesperson told CBC News in an email.

Crews are working around the clock to fix each of the affected traffic lights and bring the intersections back into regular operation, the spokesperson added.

In the meantime, the city is advising drivers to be careful when encountering intersections with flashing red lights in both directions, and treat the lights like four-way stops.