A Winnipeg couple learned the true meaning of generosity at Saturday's Taylor Swift concert.

Roxy Lacroix and her boyfriend discovered the tickets they bought on Kijiji were fakes when they showed up at the show at Investors Group Field and were turned away.

Lacroix was distraught. While she sobbed into her boyfriend's shoulder, an older gentleman came up to them and offered his ticket.

He told them he had met Swift at Children's Hospital a few years ago and was going to try to get a picture with her, but making them happy meant more than a photo.

Initially they turned him down because he was offering a single ticket and there was the two of them.

"'It's OK, you keep it because if we go inside, we'll go together,'" Lacroix said they told him

"And he's like, 'you know what?' And he takes out his wallet, takes out another ticket and he's like, 'I have two to give to you guys.'"

During the concert, Lacroix realized she only got the man's first name: Raymond.

She wanted to find him and thank him again and tell him how much the gesture meant. So she turned to social media and posted a photo that she had taken with him and her boyfriend.

In no time, friends responded and the man was identified as Raymond Bernier.

Lacroix was able to get hold of him again and they spoke on the phone Monday night. He told Lacroix that after he parted ways with them at the stadium, he hopped a city bus and cried all the way home.

"He's like, 'The reason I was crying is because I had so much joy that I had just made two teens so so happy,'" Lacroix said Bernier told her.