At a company open house and celebration, marking the 100th employee hired, four founders of a Winnipeg tech company launched a brand new app they hope will help them double their workforce in the next two years.

The company, Bold Commerce, is dubbing their Inviid software as the first app of its kind that allows for video commerce. Through the software, viewers watching video content can click on and purchase any product in the video without leaving the viewing experience. 

Rapidly growing Winnipeg tech company hopes new app will double its workforce1:39

"Imagine watching a video, seeing a purse that you like. Pick your colour. Add it to a cart and checkout, right within the video," said one of Bold's founders, Jason Myers. The company has been working on the idea for a year.

"When someone watches a video, but has to find the website, has to find the product, find the page, add it to cart, go to the cart...we've just put that in the experience of watching the video."

Inviid is just the latest piece of software launched by the local e-commerce developer.


Bold staff who need a break from programming, designing or developing can take a break in the company's arcade room. (CBC)

A single idea, shared over a pint at the Kings Head Pub, led to the formation of the company in 2012. A simple app that compared products, led to the growth of a company that has since developed and sold 22 different apps for the website design company Shopify. Shopify is an online service used by retail businesses small and large to sell products to an international market.

"We launched it and it started to do pretty good and we thought what's the next app we can do and who's going to quit their job first. And one by one, each of us quit our jobs and hired our employees and this is now 39, 40 months later," said Myers.

Bold has created many apps that bolster what Shopify can offer its clients. Buy the Measurement is an app that allows companies to sell their products by specific custom sizes or volumes. The Motivator App promotes sales and discounts to customers while they are shopping online.

Bold's programmers and designers also develop and maintain custom websites and social media accounts. The company says its client list includes NFL star Rob Gronkowski, NHL player Pavel Datsyuk, and Fortune 500 companies such as Time, Microsoft, Cirque du Soleil and Procter & Gamble.

Myers says they try to create an inspiring atmosphere at their 26,500 sq. ft office. They have lounge areas, arcade games, a foosball table and they cater daily lunches for staff. There are gym facilities and the company allows flexible work hours. The goal is to have happy employees who are inspired and productive.

Basketball court

Bold has a fully equipped gym on site and also offers staff a basketball court just outside its office doors. (CBC)

"We've all come from environments where, we don't feel creative, we don't feel appreciated, we don't feel the ability to make decisions. So we try to create an environment where people can make their own decisions. They have control. We value people's opinions." 

Bold hopes to have a workforce of 230 within the next two to three years.