A Winnipeg physical education teacher has been recognized for his online activity -- he’s among the top three tweeters from around the world according to ThePhysicalEducator.com.

Blue Jay Bridge has sent out more than 11,000 tweets and is now among a small group of teachers from St. Louis to Singapore up for an award from the website.

"They are unreal educators doing amazing things in their field so to have my name associated with them was quite humbling," said Bridge.

Bridge said using Twitter has made him a better teacher.

From interacting with other phys-ed teachers by discussing new techniques and activities to engaging with students, Bridge has found Twitter to be an important teaching tool.

"It’s a way to very quickly generate excitement and get awareness out about what is working in your classroom and the successes your students are having," he said. "The power is in who you follow, so if you follow professional people … you will have professional discussion in your Twitter feed."

Bridge also works with students on Twitter. He gives shout-outs to students who are active and shares information on athletic opportunities for students.

"We are sharing with our students. We are sharing with our neighbourhood because we have a number of parents who follow us," he said. "We are sharing with the world the successes that are happening in our classrooms."

Bridge won’t know if he has won the contest until next week.