Winnipeg students are celebrating a big win after their anti-distracted driving video won a national award.

“I see distracted driving all the time. Often it is, ‘Oh it’s just a phone call. I can put it on speaker,’ but even on speaker it delays your reaction time,” said Westgate Mennonite Collegiate student Jackson Peters.

Peters wrote a TV ad to warn young drivers about the consequences of distracted driving, and with three friends, produced the two minute spot that shows a young driver responding to a friend’s text while driving.

Richelle Burchill and Declan Moulden helped make the ad a reality — they said they wanted to create an ad that wasn’t in your face but still drove home the message.

“At our age, you know, people have grown up with cell phones, and you hear the buzz and you have to check it right away,” said Moulden.

The students have now won top honours from Parachute Canada, a charity that tries to stop preventable injuries from happening.

“I like the way they showed the consequence,” said Wendy French of Parachute’s Manitoba division. “Someone is waiting on the other end for you to show up or come home and that person just doesn’t arrive.”

Nationally, young people make up about 13 per cent of licensed drivers, but they account for nearly 25 per cent of traffic deaths.