A Grade 8 student from Winnipeg is working to raise thousands of dollars for a local soup kitchen by baking cupcakes.

Reese Precourt, 13, has a big fundraiser planned for Saturday afternoon at Salon Pop where she’ll sell tons of different types of cupcakes she has baked herself.

All the funds will go toward Lighthouse Mission.

The project, dubbed Reese’s Pieces, started with a class assignment to do three hours of community service, but now, Precourt has contributed much more than three hours.

“It’s been amazing. I mean, I’ve had people coming out of the woodwork, people I don’t even really know – people who just want to help her,” said Precourt’s mom Tricia.

Precourt herself said she’s doing it because “I just felt inclined to do something.”

And Lighthouse Mission is grateful she did.

“Here at Lighthouse, we serve over 200 less fortunate people a day,” said Joel Cormie, the kitchen’s operations manager.

Cormie explained the organization is planning a $10,000 kitchen renovation, but the new digs come with new expenses.

“You think, ‘Oh they got a new kitchen! That’s awesome!’ and it is awesome, but there are expenses that will come along with it, and we’re just excited she decided to fill it,” said Cormie.

Precourt hopes to raise thousands at her Saturday bake sale from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Salon Pop on Lorette Ave.