A Winnipeg store owner said tips from the public are pouring in about a theft in his store that was caught on surveillance video and posted to YouTube.

“"I did see something that CBC posted about a guy that had his snowblower taken, and I thought, ‘you know I'm gonna just throw it out there,” said Dave Rand, the owner of Capitol Motorsports. “I'm not much of a guy that deals with social media, so I put it out there and my phone just blew up. I had a ton of calls."

Rand’s video first shows two men in the his store at 157 St. Anne’s Road on Saturday looking at winter jackets.

'This was kind of some redemption.”' - Dave Rand, owner of Capitol Motorsports

One of the men then asks the employee to help him look for gloves.

While the female employee was distracted, the second suspect walks out of the store with pants and a jacket.

The man, who is then seen walking back into the store after dumping the merchandise outside, calls to his friend and they both leave.

Capitol Motorsports

Dave Rand, owner of Capitol Motorsports on St. Anne's Road, says he was inspired to put the footage of a theft in his store on YouTube after seeing a story CBC covered of a man that caught thieves stealing his snowblower. (CBC)

The clothing was worth about $500, but Rand said that isn’t the most irritating aspect of the theft.

“Financially we’ve given away bigger things for charities …  that doesn’t affect me,” said Rand. “It’s just when someone does that to you, takes something from you, you know, it affects you in a negative way, so this was kind of some redemption.”

Rand said prior to the theft, he hadn't had a reason to look at his security footage in four year. He said he’s relieved the recent theft was caught on tape.

“It was gratifying,” he said. “It felt good, but kind of creepy at the same time.”

The video has already received just over 2,000 views on YouTube and more than 10,000 views on Facebook.