Agape Table

Ella Sanchez holds up a spoon with a 5$ bill for a fundraiser at agape table. (Wendy Buelow/CBC)

Winnipeg soup kitchen Agape Table kicked of its unique “spoonathon” fundraiser Monday.

The charity is asking people to donate a spoon and $5 to help support the city’s less fortunate.

"They make 400 bowls of soup and they need a spoon for all these bowls of soup, and they're slowly starting to disappear, so the spoonathon is here to help," said Abby Gillis, who is helping out with the fundraiser. "The money will be used for, again, helping feed everybody a healthy breakfast who isn't able to afford a healthy breakfast."

Gillis said those who bring a spoon and donation will have their name written on the cutlery, which will then be hung on a tree of spoons at Agape Table, located at 175 Colony Street in Saint's Church.

Agape Table hopes to raise $5,000 by August 31.