Winnipeg sleep disorder clinic expands

A Winnipeg hospital clinic specializing in treating sleep disorders is boosting its ability to treat people.

A Winnipeg hospital clinic specializing in treating sleep disorders is boosting its ability to treat people.

Misericordia Health Centre's Sleep Disorder Centre currently sees up to 300 patients a month at its clinic and serves another 100 at home, but it still can't keep up with the demand for diagnostic testing.

So it is increasing its home service by another 100 patients.

A recent CBC News survey revealed that 36 per cent of Canadians don't have enough time in their day to get a full eight hours of sleep. Thirty-two per cent of Canadians reported disordered or interrupted sleep patterns.

Nearly 58 per cent of Canadians said they often feel tired.

Lack of sleep has been linked with a slew of health problems including hypertension, diabetes, and depression.

But it's not just a person's physical health that can be harmed, said clinic manager Sharon Brown.

"Their whole personality can sometimes change," Brown said. "They become a little bit more grumpier — they're short tempered perhaps — and they're feeling lethargic and they don't want to do things."

The clinic officially opened in January 2009.

The randomized online poll of 1,514 Canadian adults and 506 youth aged 12 to 17 was conducted by Leger Marketing from Nov. 10 to Nov. 17, 2010.

The margin of error for the adult sample is plus or minus 2.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, and for youth it is plus or minus 4.4 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.