Hundreds seniors are worried about what will happen to their North End community centre now that the owner wants to sell the building.

Gwen Secter is a community centre that caters to more than 300 Jewish seniors, but its lease is up in 2016 and the owner wants to sell the building.

“It’s almost like a second home because I know these people. They talk to you, they tell you their stories,” said Cathy Koltowski, who has been serving up lunch at the centre for the past six years.

89-year-old Jack Rosenbaum visits the centre every week.

“It means a lot because people are getting older, and they’re looking for a place to spend their time,” said Rosebaum, who lost his wife in June. “We spend a few hours that we would otherwise have to stay home and watch television all the time. This is where we get together with other people.”

The Jewish Foundation of Winnipeg, which funds Gwen Secter, is trying to find it a new home. They say it will maintain a presence in the North End.

Marilyn Regiec, the executive director of Gwen Secter, wishes they didn't have to move.

“We have been searching for an angel to come, and you know, rescue us and buy this building and let us stay here, but that hasn’t happened yet,” said Regiec.

The centre offers food, bingo, fitness options and a ton of seniors’ programs.

They also deliver kosher meals to hospitals and seniors across Winnipeg.

“We’re going to miss it very much. I hope they’ll change their mind and not get rid of it,” said Rosenbaum.