A Winnipeg senior who says he was wrongfully accused of using a cellphone while driving has had his ticket stayed.

City police handed 74-year-old Laszlo Piszker a $199.80 ticket in March for talking on a cellphone while driving, which is illegal in Manitoba.

But Piszker and his wife maintained that they have never owned a cellphone. Winnipeg police disputed the couple's claims at the time.

Len Eastoe of Traffic Ticket Experts, who represented Piszker in court, said the couple learned on Thursday that the ticket was stayed.

"They're ecstatic that it's over, that they don't have to go to court," Eastoe told CBC News.

"They're very common people — they don't even have an answering machine in their house. They're old-school people from the old country, you know?"

Eastoe said the move should send a message to other drivers who believe they were wrongfully ticketed.

"I would say anybody who's wrongfully charged should definitely stand up and say, 'I didn't do it' and take it to court," he said.