Winnipeg has already seen 50 per cent more snow fall this winter than last – and more is on the way.

CBC meteorologist John Sauder said Winnipeg has received 10 centimetres more of snow than the city normally sees in a winter season.

This weekend’s forecast calls for more of the same, with a 60 per cent chance of flurries Sunday.

The extra snow has some worried about what that will mean when temperatures begin to rise.

Manitoba’s spring flood forecast is expected to be released within a few weeks.

In the meantime, several business owners love the white gold.

"The phones have been ringing off the hook. We have been making reservations as far ahead as spring break," said Bernice Later, the operations manager at Holiday Mountain Ski and Golf Resort. 

Holiday Mountain is located about 175 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg, and last year the ski hill had to close early in March because of warm temperatures and a lack of snow.

This year they’re hoping to stay open until April.

Later said the resort makes its own snow regardless, but they see more business when the real stuff falls.

"People in the city, when they have mud on their boots and no snow in their yard, don’t think skiing," said Later.

"When it snows in the city, everybody dusts off their snowboard and says we need to go right now."

Snow clearing operations are also reaping the benefits of more snow.

John Dick owns John’s Snow Services Ltd. and said he’s seen more cash coming in.

"Last year was far less snow than we’ve got right now, so our employees and our equipment have definitely been out in the field more and definitely put more hours in," said Dick.