The City of Winnipeg has put out a call for homeowners willing to part with their large spruce trees for the annual Christmas display at city hall.

It's an unusual move for officials to put out a public call for holiday tree contenders. Usually, staff can pick out a suitable tree from a list of interested donors.

In a release, the city says it has "received information about a number of potential Christmas tree candidates for this year's holiday display, but none met the criteria."

A spokesperson told CBC News it is the first time officials have had to issue a news release asking for help in finding a Christmas tree for city hall.

Think your tree has what it takes to be the centrepiece of the city's Christmas display? Staff are looking for a spruce tree that is:

  • Between 12 and 15 metres tall.
  • Fully symmetrical with a single trunk and no brown needles.
  • Located in the front yard of a property, allowing for direct access by crews.

Christmas tree donors don't receive any compensation, but they will have the tree removed at no cost to them.

Anyone who's interested in submitting their tree for consideration is asked to call 311.

Last year's Christmas tree at city hall was a Colorado spruce donated by Mabel, Andrew and Jason Lam of River Heights. Some 9,000 multicoloured LED lights that adorned the tree were lit up on Nov. 16, 2012.