Winnipeg's largest school division has approved a $341.8 million budget for 2011 that it says will maintain programs and services while keeping tax levels at 2009 levels.

The Winnipeg School Division announced the passing of the budget in a statement Monday evening.

"We invited parents, residents and staff to provide feedback," said Joyce Bateman, chair of the division's Finance/Personnel Committee.

"And as a result of their feedback, the Board is approving a budget that sustains programs and services for students and keeps education property taxes at the same level as the last two years," she said.

From 2004 to 2011 actual school taxes on an average assessed home have decreased by $287 (from $612 in 2004 to $325 in 2011), Bateman stated.

The announcement comes on the same day the city tabled its $847 million budget.

The Winnipeg School Division is the largest of six public school divisions in Winnipeg, serving 77 schools and more than 32,000 students.