The Winnipeg School Division is not going ahead with earlier class start times at four schools that were going to be part of a pilot project.

J.B Mitchell, Brock Corydon, Lord Roberts and Greenways schools will not change their schedules this fall, the school division confirmed on Thursday.

The school division has been looking at staggering start times at a total of nine schools in September as part of a pilot project.

The idea is to trim the division's transportation budget by shifting some start times and enabling buses to be used on multiple routes.

But some parents have raised concerns about having to start their children's school days earlier than usual.

"Your direct involvement and feedback has provided many excellent suggestions as well as identified areas of concern related to the time adjustment of the school day that will assist administration in preparing for future considerations," division board chair Suzanne Hrynyk wrote in a letter to parents.

"Therefore, the Board of Trustees will not proceed with the implementation of staggered bell times for the 2014/2015 school year."

Administration at George V, Clifton, Victoria-Albert, Prairie Rose and Shaughnessy Park schools are still waiting for feedback from parents before making a decision, according to officials.