A Winnipeg School Division trustee's proposal to stop paying for meals for trustees and senior officials at meetings has been sent to a committee for debate.

Mike Babinsky put forward a motion on Monday night to end the division's practice of having catered meals brought in for trustees and senior administrative staff at meetings.


Winnipeg School Division trustee Mike Babinsky, left, presented his motion on Monday, calling on the board to stop paying for meals at board meetings. (CBC)

Trustees at Monday's meeting voted in favour of sending Babinsky's motion to its finance committee for further discussion.

"Nine trustees will put their perspectives and perceptions on the table, and then we'll move through that after we hear from everyone," board chair Rita Hildahl told CBC News.

Babinsky said at a time when education taxes are going up, the school division — the largest in Winnipeg — should be tightening its belt.

The practice of having free food at meetings began almost two years ago and has been costing the division thousands of dollars, Babinsky said, adding that he has not eaten the meals.

The Winnipeg School Division said it spent $3,900 in 2012 on providing food for meetings.